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short-time girl:

A prostitute . See prostitute for synonyms.
See Also: 24/7, acute, acute infection, anat, arm of love, arse cooler, B & D dyke, B-G, B-girl, babia majora, baby child, backy, Barnet, batch, batty rider, beach bunny, beaut, beaver loop, bell, bi community, biff, boxers, braces, breast augs, bug, burly, butt bags, buttock-clingers, cafe curtains, call flat, chalfonts, Charley, Charlie, cheek-climber, cheek-clinger, cherry-merry, chickie, chiclet, chronological age, cliner, clit, coddy-moddy, corephallia, CSW, cyber, DG, dilly boy, dis con, Donald, duck-butt, dyna, eirog, fag, fam, farmers, fizz, fuck away, g-g, girleen, girlish, gon, gonny, goss, half-pint, heavy crush, high postage, hook, hotty, juve, karena, labs, les, lesb, lesbie, lesbo, lice, Mademoizook, masc, multiple climax, multiple orgasm, napkin, nips, non-op TS, on the razzle, paradise strokes, phiz, phizog, phragmie, pom-poms, ponce off, pony, porn, post-op TS, pre-op TS, pre-woman, pross, prossie, prossy, prostie, prosty, prozzy, quack, recky, relations, rents, riding crop, rita, rollies, romantricks, sanitary, scrot, short and curlies, siph, skivvy, Snaky-Lick Trick, spinners, starter marriage, Stumpy, syph, sypho, tachyorthosis, three wheeler, tocks, trich, TV training, twenty-four seven, twirl, twist, twist and twirl, twofer, up for it, val, vertically-challenged, vige, walker, whipped, X-dresser, X-dressing, X-legged, zack, zeps, zimmer

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