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small arm:

Or: the arm / the short-arm / the arm-of-love , the penis . See penis for synonyms.
See Also: Adam-and-Eveing, agate, all meat, no potatoes, anal fissure, arm, arm of love, arm-clutcher, arm-in-armer, armstrong heaters, arse-bone, ass-bone, bijou, breasties, Brummagem buttons, bubbies, buddings, buds, buggerclaw, button mushroom, button-short, cake pimp, chalky farm, chee chees, chichitas, chicken-breasted, conchita, corncob, cupiding, depilation, dueting, Dutch Alps, false alarm, featherweights, flapjacks, flat-chested, flyspecks, gnat meat, hymenotomy, leg-biter, little drinks, love buds, love seat, lung nuts, lung warts, man-and-womanizing, mastunculi, microphobia, midgies, molehills, mosquito bites, mycrophobia, niblets, ninnies, nippers, nit tits, nothin cock, nothing cock, papilla, peanuts, pechitos, picayunes, pimple-prick, pimples, pimples on a chest, pimples on the chest, pips, pom-poms, puny prick, runts, scoops, short arm, short-arm inspection, small arm, smallest room, smudges, soupbone, stits, sweethearting, table-for-twoing, tabs, tamales, tater tots, teacups, teenie-weenie, teeny-weeny, tetinas, tetitas, throbbing, titties, two beebees on a bread board, ups, zine

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