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small person:

Euphemism for the penis . See penis for synonyms.
See Also: abrasive, acinus, acousticophile, active, agate, agoraphobic, all meat, no potatoes, anal fissure, anolinguist, anus worship, apotemnophobia, arm of love, arse-bone, ass-bone, baby beef, baby face, back number, bag of bones, bigamist, bijou, bleeder, blimp, body esteem, brandy, breasties, Brummagem buttons, bubbies, buddings, buds, buggerclaw, button mushroom, button-short, cake pimp, chee chees, chichitas, chicken-breasted, chicken-shit, chromo, chronological age, chuberteens, conchita, corncob, cupcake, cutie, dead-ass, dimmo, discordant genitalia, dogface, doggie, dumb fuck, dumb-ass, dumbo, dusty, Dutch Alps, face fucking, face job, far goner, featherweights, flapjacks, flat-chested, flyspecks, fuckhead, fuss-pot, get one's bed, give face, gnat meat, grey broad, grot, grumbly, hairdo, half-pint, herped up, hide, hunk of frozen meat, hymenotomy, leg-biter, little drinks, loaf, love buds, love seat, lung nuts, lung warts, marry into dough, mastunculi, microphobia, midgies, misogamist, molehills, mop head, mosquito bites, mycrophobia, nasty piece of work, niblets, ninnies, nippers, nit tits, no oil painting, nothin cock, nothing cock, OPAL, Paddy, papilla, peanuts, pechitos, pencil dick, picayunes, pimple-prick, pimples, pimples on a chest, pimples on the chest, pips, pom-poms, priss, pro-lifer, puny prick, queer cove, queer fish, runts, scoops, sexual orientation, sexual preference, shithouse poet, shmo(e), single-O, slant eye, smallest room, smeat, smudges, stits, stu, suedehead, switch, tabs, take one's bed, tamales, tater tots, teacups, teenie-weenie, teeny-weeny, tetinas, tetitas, tight-ass, titties, toucheur, transsex procedures, traumatophiliac, troilist, tubby, two beebees on a bread board, ups, wienie, wigger, wild-ass(ed), winkie, winky, WOOPIE, X-factor, yoyo, zine, zoophilist

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