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spread eagle:

In police terminology, a synonym for assume-the-position , to lean a suspect forward against a wall (or car), legs wide open, while patting (frisking) him/her down for weapons. By extension, to assume that position for anal or vagina penetration from the rear .


(1) John Buckner (Kieffer Sutherland) to Huey Walker (Dennis Hopper) in Flashback (1989):
-- John: 'Assume the position .'
-- Huey: 'Which one did you have in mind? '

(2) Mac (Gene Hackman) to Reva (Nancy Travis) in Loose Cannons (1990):
-- Mac: ' Assume the position .'
-- Reva: 'This is the position you meant, right? I watch American TV . At least you didn't say spread 'em .'

See Also: assume the position, baby-split, dish dirt, gape, hot beaver shot, split beaver

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