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state prostitution:

State-controlled prostitution . See prostitution for synonyms.
See Also: 18 USC 2257, about to drop, accommodation house, aged, ass business, assignation house, band-box, band-house, basis, bat house, bawd's house, be a pro, be a professional, be in the life, beat a trick, bi-trade, big legs, blind pig, blind tiger, blue chamber district, blueness, break luck, cake-shop, car-hop, casa, cast the net, cavaulting school, champagne trick, chippie house, chippie joint, chippy-house, chippy-joint, choose(-up), clit closet, commercial sex workers, commercial trade, cow yard, cow-bag, creep, crib district, cruise for trade, curb service, disorderly house, dissolution (of marriage), dive, do escort work, do massage work, do the milk run, double, drive one's hos, due, ecdysia, effeminacy, enforcer, extras, family hotel, fast track, flash panny, flesh peddling, flesh trade, fluttering her skirt, forty/five, fuck-house, gentoo house, Georgia, georgiaed, get stiffed, getting down, go below 14 th Street, go into the streets, go on the batter, goosing ranch, goosing slum, Greek trade, hard-leg (whore), harlot's trade, hawk one's brown, hawk one's meat, hawk one's pearly, head date, heat is on, the, hooking, horizontal life, horns, hot hole, hot house, house in the suburbs, house of all nations, house of call, house of civil reception, house of convenience, house of delight, house of enjoyment, house of fame, house of ill delight, house of ill fame, house of ill repute, house of joy, house of lewdness, house of pleasure, house of profession, house of prostitution, house of sale, house of shame, house of sin, house of tolerance, house of vulgar resort, hurry whore, immoral house, in puris naturalibus, in the biz, in the business, in the line, in-call, income tax, jag house, jelly bean, juicy feeling, kiddy freak, knocking-house, knocking-joint, knocking-shop, lay the note, lewd house, life, life of infamy, life of shame, lighthouse, live by the trade, loose-love center, love for sale, maidenhood, main avenue, maison de joie, marathon, meat factory, menace to decent women, milk cow, Minnesota strip, miserablelism, mother damnable, necessary evil, night job, no freak, notch house, notch joint, occupational hazard, old fashioned, old firm, old patrol, on the back, on the bat, on the battle, on the block, on the bottle, on the business, on the hip, on the pavement, on the street(s), on the stroll, on the turf, onery house, orbit, out-call service, ownio, panphobia, pantophobia, peddle one's ass, peddle one's butt, peddle one's hips, peddle one's meat, peddle one's wares, peddle pussy, peddling her hips, peter pan, pheasantry, play center, poontang palace, pound the block, public house, pull a trick, push ponies, pussy game, pussy palace, put (one) on the block, put (one) on the corner, raise it, ready to drop, red scatter, rig a jig, road game, rose among thorns, round house, RR 1, RR 2, RR 3, Rural Route 1, Rural Route 2, Rural Route 3, scatter, second oldest profession, sell favors, sell one's ass, sell one's back, sell one's bacon, sell one's body, sell one's butt, sell one's charms, sell one's desires, sell one's favors, sell one's flesh, sell one's hips, seraglietto, sex ring, a, sexploitation, shebang, shine stand, sightseer, sinful commerce, sink of iniquity, slut hut, smoongy, snake ranch, snuggling-ken, solicit someone, soliciting, Spanish fly, spoiling house, sporting house, springer, square up, stasivalence, state of nature, state of undress, state prostitution, street-tricking, strut one's stuff, stud-service, sugar hill, tabanca, tail around, tail trading, tail-biz, take out insurance, talk game, telephone trade, temple of love, Temple of Venus, track one, trading on her bottom, tricking, turkey money, turn a date, turn a trick, turn tricks, turned out, turning tricks, turnpike, unbetty, vanilla and chocolate, vanilla, chocolate and pecan, walk the pavement, walk-up, wank house, warm shop, white meat turkey on pumpernickel, whore-shop, whoremistress, window-tapping, women's house, work, work from the book, work the door, work the street(s), works, the, zoo

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