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third venereal disease:

Coined in the 1960s for hepatitis or mononucleosis.
See Also: African toothache, antaphroditic, antivenereal, Aut amat aut odit: nil est tertium, bad blood, bad disease, banns, bans, base trio, the, bend a pipe on the pisser, blood disease, bone ache, bone ague, bube, bubo, canoe inspection, chance sandwich, chancre mechanic, Christian disease, clean, club sandwich, coachman on the box, cock-rot, coitus venenatus, cold in the dong, corespondent, Covent Garden ague, crinkum(s), crud, Cupid's itch, cyprianophobia, dangle-parade, design for living, dirty barrel, diseases, disgraceful disease, dose, a, double peptide, double-entry, Drury Lane ague, dumb watch, enviable disease, flesh sandwich, forget-me-not, foul disease, foul disorder, French ache(s), French crown, French disease, French fever, French goods, French gout, French measles, French pig, French pox, frenchified, galloping crud, galloping knob rot, gang sex, GC, gentleman's complaint, get VD, glad rags, gluteus, great pox, the, group sex, had'em, ilium, jacked up, jungle rot, lock, lock hospital, malady of France, menage a trois, Naples canker, Neapolitan bone ache, Neapolitan consolation, Neapolitan favour, Neopolitan disease, nimgimmer, Oreo cookie, pathophobia, peppered, pintle fever, plaquet stung, Polish disease, pox-ridden, prick parade, ring around the rosey, séance à trois, sausage sandwich, scalder, scrud, secret disease, sexually transmitted infection, shot betwixt wind and water, social disease, social infection, souvenir, Spanish gout, Spanish needle, Spanish pip, Spanish pox, spring a leak, take French lessons, taking precautions, tertiary syphilis, third set, third sex, three B's, three decker, three wheeler, three-dollar bill, three-way, threesies, threesome, token, triangle, triolism, triple header, triple shag, trisexual, troilism, troilist, Trois, Les, trysexual, unmentionable disease, V-girl, VD, venereal disease, venereology, venereophobia, vice disease, warts, women's disease

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