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wasp waist:

From The National Enquirer Online (Jan. 20, 1999): Scientists Discover . . . SECRET OF SEX APPEAL: ' The built-in preferences cross all racial and ethnic lines, says Dr. Thornhill. The expert leaves us with this good news for the ladies: Size does not matter. Cindy Crawford, Marilyn Monroe and the ancient statue Venus De Milo all share similar proportions. "Size does not matter but the proportion of waist to hip does, " observed the expert. "If you take the circumference of the waist and divide it by the circumference of the hips, beautiful women have a waist to hip ratio of about .65 to .67 when they are young - the wasp waist ."'
See Also: arse from elbow down, callibombe, corsetting, girdler, good figure, herpes simplex, home plate, home run, lower deck, pantywaist, second base, spare tyre, third base, topless, wasp, wasp waist

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