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wet one:

1. A sexually-arousing kiss with wet lips and tongues. See kiss for synonyms.

2. A wet fart . See fart for synonyms.

See Also: bury the wick, buttered finger, clap eyes on, cream one's knickers, cream one's pants, cream one's silkies, damp patch, dream whip, drop the plate, enuresis, hygrophilematous, lay eyes on, menstruation, oneirogmophobia, panty pisser, Scotch screw, set eyes on, urethral eroticism, urinism, uro-sexuality, urolagnia, urophilia, wet, wet and willing, wet deck(s), wet dream, wet dream-girl, wet fun, wet kiss, wet one, wet patch, wet spot, wet-on, whipped cream, wick, wide-on

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