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white honey:

Dated British euphemism for semen . See semen for synonyms.
See Also: albedosynia, ball-face, bee-hive, beehive, Beulah-lover, big game, black in white, blue skin, brand name, candy-leg, CBC, chocolate lover, coal burner, dinge-rim queen, doughed-up darling, generous keeper, gold mine, grey broad, GWM, head cheese, headcheese, helmet halva, hive, honey, honey pot, honey-do, honeypot, leukophobia, light meat, love nuts, midnight queen, mulatto, negrera, pay papa, pecker cheese, pursonality papa, redneck, rig a jig, S/W/F, S/W/M, snow queen, sugar bowl, sugar daddy, sugar papa, vanilla and chocolate, wAm, white meat, white meat turkey on pumpernickel, white owl, white sugar, wigger, winnie, WT, zebra'd, zulubruiser

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