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whites, the:

Slang term for gonorrhea , so-named from the whitish vaginal-discharge . See gonorrhea for synonyms.
See Also: albedosynia, ball-face, bee-hive, beehive, Beulah-lover, bikini lines, black in white, black meat, blackness, blow job, blue skin, boong-moll, butt-crack, cadet, candidiasis, CBC, chocolate lover, coal burner, Colleen Bawn, combo, a, cracker, damaged goods, dark meat, dental dam, dinge queen, dinge-rim queen, dog with two dicks, exchanging loads, gardnerella, grey broad, GWM, hairy-chested, head cheese, headcheese, helmet halva, honey pot, honeypot, HPV, human papilloma virus, leukophobia, light meat, M, midnight queen, moniliasis, morning dew drop, morning drip, morning drop, mount, mulatto, negrera, octoroon, Oreo cookie, pack some mud, packing mud, pecker cheese, piss white, quadroon, redneck, S/W/F, S/W/M, sandwich, seminal fluid, smegma, snow queen, snowballing, snowdropping, traffic in flesh, vaginal yeast infection, vamp, vanilla and chocolate, vogueing, vomit, W/F, W/M, wAm, whip it out, white meat, white meat turkey on pumpernickel, white owl, white sugar, white wedding, wigger, WT, yeast infection, zebra'd, zulubruiser

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