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withdrawal method:

A doubtful contraceptive technique consisting in withdrawing the penis from the vagina before ejaculation . Although the oldest known form of contraception, withdrawal is an unreliable as a birth-control method considered, at best, 75% effective because seminal-fluid may be emitted without sensation before ejaculation .

ETYMOLOGY: From the Latin coitus , copulation , and interruptus , interrupted.

SYNONYMS: coitus-interruptus ; French-method ; interrupted-coitus ; onanism ; pulling-out .

QUOTE: Birth control slogan: ' Unilateral withdrawal is the answer to the population problem .'

See Also: BBT, coitus incompletus, coitus interruptus, coitus saxonicus, French method, French methods, interrupted coitus, jump off/out at..., onanism, pull out, pulling out, tubal ligation, Vatican roulette, withdrawal method

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