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work off:

Of a male, to masturbate . See masturbation-male for synonyms.
See Also: afternoon gig, all day, all night, back-door work, bankside lady, bremelo, buddy-fuck, camp it off, Chew my shorts!, chicken rancher, daytimer, dealing, dew off the lily, distaff, double jacking, drive one's hos, dual masturbation, flip it around, flip it off, flip off, flip oneself off, fuck off, get it together, hawk one's brown, hawk one's meat, hawk one's pearly, head cook and bottle washer, high forehead, house prostitute, interrupted coitus, J.O., jack-off session, Jackie, jerking iron, jerky, jump off/out at..., light up, live by the trade, masturbation-male, night job, off, on, ownio, panel worker, peddle one's ass, peddle one's butt, peddle one's hips, peddle one's meat, peddle one's wares, peddle pussy, playing chopsticks, pound it, prick rag, pull off, pull oneself off, receding hairline, saw off a chunk, saw off a piece, shoot, slow exotic, squeeze it off, squeeze off, street trick, Swedish culture, swordfighting, tear a piece of ass, tear off a piece (of ass), trick suit, trod the boards, trod the planks, turnpike, unass, undercover man, walk the pavement, walking the street(s), walkout, wank stick, whack off, whank off, WOOPIE, work a crib, work from the book, work one's ass off, work the cuts, working inside, working outside, working the bricks, working the street(s), working woman, yanker, YMCA

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