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Or: sixty-nine :

1. Or: sixty-nine position / 69 position , a position for mutual oral-genital-sex (cunnilingus or fellatio) wherein two lovers arrange themselves in opposite directions, head to tail and belly to belly , either side by side or one lover above the other. This position is used by heterosexual and homosexual couples for reciprocal oral and manual stimulation; it can be engaged in by two men who perform fellatio , two women who perform cunnilingus , or by a woman and a man one performing fellatio , the other cunnilingus .

2. An/the act mutual oral-sex in that position . Performing simultaneous oral-genital-sex is called 69ing (or sixty-nining); the aftermath is known as 69ed.

Etymology: Based on the similarity of the inverted positions of the partners with the numerals 6 and 9 joined together into 69; the circles representing the heads and the ends of the digits the feet.

Synonyms: double-header ; double marriage ; flip-flop ; fork-and-spoon ; head-over-heels-(in-love) ; loop-de-loop ; (play) hoop-snake(s) ; p's-and-q's ; playing-hoopsnake ; six-to-nine ; soixante-neuf (69 in French); vice-versa .
See also: 34-1/2 ; catch-a-sixty-nine ; dinner-beneath-the-bridge ; linguistic-exercise ; route-sixty-nine ; thirty-nine .


(1) Bruce Rodgers. The Queens' Vernacular (1972): ' Know what the square root of sixty-nine is? Eight something .'

(2) ' I bowled a 69 .' From Encyclopedia of Graffiti Robert Reisner & Lorraine Wechsler (1974).

See Also: 34 1/2, 59, 59ing, 6-2-9, 6-to-9, 69, 69er, 69ing, boating, catch a sixty-nine, devil's kiss, dinner beneath the bridge, double header, double wedding, fifty-nine, fifty-nining, flip-flop, fork and spoon, go boating, go down route sixty-nine, halvsies, hand gig, hand job, head over heels (in love), heads and tails, hoop snake(s), linguistic exercise, loop-de-loop, loop-the-loop, oragenitalism, p's and q's, play hoop snake(s), playing hoopsnake, route 69, route sixty-nine, six à neuf, six-to-nine, sixty-nine, sixty-nine queen, sixty-niner, sixty-nining, snake, soixante-neuf, swaffonder, swassonder, travel down route sixty-nine, travel route sixty-nine, vice versa,

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