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Or: Dickey :

1. Nickname for Richard .

3. Archaic, mid-19 th century term for a prostitute .

2. Or: dicky , a variation on dick , a penis or small penis . See penis for synonyms.


(1) Anonymous: ' When the frost is on the punkin' / That's the time for dicky-dunkin' / And when the weather's hot and sticky / That's the time for dunkin' dicky .'

(2) Mrs. Charleston (Maggie Smith) waiting for her husband Dick in Murder by Death (1976): ' Where's my Dickey? Sorry where's my husband? '

See Also: dick-drinker, dick-lick, dick-licker, Dickey, dickey dido, Dicky, dicky lick, dicky-licker, dicky-taster, fellator, Little Dick

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