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adult movie:

From the 1940s onward, a pornographic-movie .
Synonyms: beaver (flick); beefcake-film ; blue-flick ; blue-movie ; bluey ; cock-movie ; cockfest ; dirty-movie ; flesh-flick ; fuck-film ; het-film ; horn-movie ; porno-film ; porno-flick ; porno-movie ; pornographic film; pornographic-movie ; skin-flick ; stag-movie ; X-rated-movie .
See also: beaver-loop ; boylies ; cinebonds ; cinema-XXX ; cinemarotic ; eroductions ; girlies ; leather-film ; pornchops ; pricktures .

Quote: Roland T. Flakfizor (John Turturro) in Brain Donors (1992): ' Two is company and three is an adult movie '.

See Also: adult, adult entertainment center, adult movie, Adult Verification Service, age of majority, Age Verification Service, atelia, AVS, banned, beaver, beaver flick, beefcake film, belfa, bib, big tender, blue flick, blue movie, bluey, boylies, brown eye pie, C-light, cacoethes, Cash Flagg, cervical hostility, cherry top, chick flick, cinebonds, cinema XXX, cinemarotic, cinemaroticism, cock movie, cockfest, consenting adult, cowgirl, cum dodger, cum shot, cummy face, cunt light, diddley-poo, dirty movie, dookey, e-coli pie, ecstasy intoxication, eroductions, esurient, face shot, fence painting, flesh flick, fluffer, fuck film, g-g, gallop the antelope, GIDAANT, girlies, grinder, grump, gyno shot, heliogabalus, hermaphy, het film, horn movie, horrorform, inscrewtable, inunctionism, jintoe, jizzer, kiss-kiss, lamma hutching, leather film, levator vaginae, love interest, love scene, lunchmeat, m-and-g track, marathon, money shot, monoclinous, monster shot, nudie, one-on-one booth, orectic, parental units, plumber, plushie, poon light, poop, pop shot, pornchops, porno film, porno flick, porno movie, pornographic film, pornographic movie, pricktures, proof shot, quebrachine, Quicktime sex, sex symbol, sextainment, shampoo, sinfully handsome, skin flick, snuff film, snuff movie, softy, solo box, splash shot, stag movie, stickspin, stovepipe, stroke house, stunt cock, tear-jerker, three-way woman, tragalist, two snaps up, urban legend, urethrorrhea ex ubidine, waiting for wood, wet shot, woodsman, X-rated films, X-rated movie, yakum

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