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Sexuoerotic arousal from or attraction to statues and models of nude human beings (including mannequins). Since it has not yet been observed in a clinical setting, agalmatophilia is considered to be a fictional paraphilia.
Etymology: From the Greek agalma , image, and philia , attraction.
Synonyms: statuophilia .
See also: galateism; pictophilia; pygmalionism.

Quote: Alexander (Fisher Stevens) and Amanda (Sandra Bullock) in When the Party's Over (1991):
-- Alexander: ' You have this goddess thing about you, you know that? '
-- Amanda : ' Really .'
-- Alexander: ' You remind me of Aphrodite .'
-- Amanda : ' Well, maybe I should have been a statue in someone's garden .'

See Also: agalmatophilia, statuophilia

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