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A metaphor for one's homosexuality , the inner awareness of being gay .
See also: bust-one's-beads ; drop-one's-beads ; explore-the-beads ; in-the-beads ; rattle-the-(giddy)-beads ; read-the-beads ; shake-the-beads ; wear-giddy-beads ; wings ; wreck-somebody's-beads .

Quote: Bruce Rodgers. The Queens' Vernacular (1972): 'Beads represent an imaginary string of pearls worn by all homosexual men; thus the clutching mannerism so common to effeminates. Others believe that beads distinguish certain circular erogenous-zones of the body - the breasts, genitals , buttocks . '

See Also: anal beads, anal inserts, anal play, anal sexual play, anal toy, beads, Ben Wa Balls, Burmese balls, Chinese Love Beads, drop beads, drop one's cookies, drop ones load, drop the plate, explore the beads, G-string, gee-string, geisha balls, in the beads, love beads, Oriental Love Beads, Rino Tama, Siamese Strings, String of Pearls, twirl the pearls, wings

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