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bearded lady:

1. Or: beard , a woman who serves as camouflage to hide a man's true sexual-orientation by pretending to be his wife , lover or girlfriend .
Synonym: bitch's-blind .
See also: bitchess' blinds ; flinking .

2. Or: bearded-clam , in the 1960s, the female pubic-hair and area. See vagina for synonyms.

See Also: bean-jacks, beard, bearded lady, belle boy, bitch's blind, bitches' blinds, boomer, buttock-clingers, Chief Boot Knocka, cockish wench, demoiselle, erotocrat, face-fungus, feminine heart pumper, flinking, God's gift to women, heart breaker-upper, heart-crusher, heart-smasher, high-voltage sheik, hot flame, king of clubs, knave of hearts, ladies' cherce, ladies' choice, lady-killer, ladybug, lounge beetle, lounge lizard, love pirate, love thief, man of affairs, panty raid, parlor lizard, pogonophobia, popular with the ladies, powder-room, proper Casanova, a, queener, Sheik, smooth operator, spark, sparker, squaw man, streetwalking, studhammer, sugar-cookie, supper-jet, tea-hound, thriller, walk the streets, woman's home companion, young blade, young buck

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