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1. Slang for the foreskin (of an uncircumcised penis). To draw-the-blinds , to pull back the foreskin , as in masturbation or fellation . See penis for synonyms.

2. Casual term for the eyelids.

See Also: accessory urethral canal, amaurophilia, amorous rites, beard, bearded lady, bitch's blind, bitches' blinds, blind cupid, blind love, blind meat, blind piece, blind pig, blind tiger, blindfold, blinds, booby prize, buck, circumcised, cul-de-sac, cure the blind, DDW, Douglas cul-de-sac, drapes, draw the drapes, fall for, fix someone up, flinking, foreskin, idealization, Love is blind, make the blind see, Peeping Tom, Polyphemus, pouch of Douglas, prepuce, rectouterine excavation, rectouterine pouch, ride a blind piece, skin, skinning, sponge off the dust, uncircumcised

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