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1. The fold of skin which covers the glans-penis of all males at birth.
Synonyms: prepuce ; banana-skin ; blinds ; bobbys-anorak ; cafe-curtains ; curtains ; drapes ; extra-skin ; goatskin ; helmet-pelmet ; lace ; lace-curtains ; onion-skin ; Principal-Skinner ; sheath ; snapper ; turtleneck-sweater ; Venetian-blinds .

2. Also, the hood of the clitoris , a fold of skin formed by the labia minor to overlap the glans of the clitoris .

See Also: aposthia, ballooning, banana skin, banjo string, blind as a boiled turnip, blinds, bobbys anorak, bobstay, cafe curtains, cock cheese, cockhead cheese, curtains, dick butter, docking, drapes, draw the blinds, extra skin, fraenum (of the penis), frenulum, frenulum of the penis, frenulum preputii, frenum (of the penis), goatskin, head cheese, headcheese, helmet halva, helmet pelmet, hood, infibulation, knob cheese, lace, lace curtains, male infibulation, midnight lace, nearsighted, onion skin, pecker cheese, penis infibulation, prepuce, Principal Skinner, sheath, skin the banana, skin the weinie, skinonyms, smegma, smentana, snapper, Tarzan chord, turtleneck sweater, Venetian blinds,

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