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In rap songs, a prostitute . See prostitute for synonyms.

Quote: Grand Puba: ' She was more than just a bend .'

See Also: American trombone, bend, bend down, bend over, bender, bent, bottle of scent, broken-wrist, camp as a row of tents, coital alignment technique, coitus wheel, croupade, dorsal lithotomy, drop the soap, give someone a melvin, half bent, hang a b.a., have a bent dick, hot flash, hot flush, jaihouse turnout, kneel at the altar, limp-wrist, melvin, nine bob, pick up the soap, prat, pratt, queer as a football bat, queer as a nine bob note, queer as a nine-dollar bill, queer as a square egg, queer as a three-dollar bill, set on, Stoke-on-Trent, straight, strangioso, touch the toes, wedgy, worship at the altar

Quotes Containing bend:
Jerry Beck (Don Johnson) in Dead-Bang (1989): ''He''d bend-over for a pack of cigarettes.''

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