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birth-rate control:

Same as birth-control .
See Also: 21:7 oral contraceptive program, 21:7 pill program, 40-5, aconuresis, actual failure rate, anal fantasies, B.C., baby bust, biparous, birth control clinic, birth-naked, birth-rate control, blasted event, blessed event, Cash Flagg, chronological age, coitus obstructus, coitus saxonicus, congenital, corsetting, cum sponge, delivery room, drop a pup, dropping a pup, forty/five, French methods, karezza, market prices, nipped in the bud, power exchange, pulling out, R-Rated, scum dump, spuzz receptacle, state prostitution, teratophobia, topping from the bottom, Vatican roulette, vice area, wad sop, withdrawal method

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