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1. Sexual orientation of a person attracted emotionally, spiritually and physically to members of both genders, to people of ones own sex and the other sex . According to Robert T. Francoeur: ' Bisexual contacts may be either concurrent or sequential, heterosexual at one time and homosexual at another period of life .'
Synonyms: ambisexuality ; amphigenous-inversion ; bisexualism ; play-both-sides-of-the-fence ; swing-both-ways ; wear-bifocals .

Quote: Charles Rycroft, A Critical Dictionary of Psychoanalysis : ' Psychoanalytical theory has always assumed that all human beings are constitutionally psychosexually bisexual . Freud took over this idea from his friend Fliess, and it was originally justified by reference to the biological and anatomical data which suggest that males contain vestigial female organs (and vice versa). Contemporary theory, however, tends to explain psychosexual bisexuality by reference to the fact that children identify (to varying degrees) with both parents. The theory of bisexuality assumes that it is possible to attach a sexual connotation to non-sexual functions and to designate as feminine PASSIVE, SUBMISSIVE, MASOCHISTIC, intuitive, and receptive behaviour, and as masculine ACTIVE, ASSERTIVE, SADISTIC, intellectual, and penetrative behaviour, and that shifts in attitude imply changes in sexual-orientation .'

2. A hermaphrodite ; somebody possessing both male and female genital-organs .

3. Sigmund Freud used the term to refer primarily to a combination of masculine and feminine traits in the same person. Also spelled, more rarely: bi-sexuality .

See Also: acey-deucey, ainphiphilia, ambierastia, ambisexuality, amphiphilia, androgynophilia, bi-curious, bi-sexuality, biphobia, bisexualism, bisexuality, heterosexology, homosexology, non-gender specific, rides a bicycle, swing both ways, switch-hitting

Quotes Containing bisexuality:
Woody Allen: ''I''m a practicing heterosexual but bisexuality immediately doubles your chances for a date on Saturday night.''

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