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1. Noun and adjective for a person romantically attracted to and sexually active with both men and women; sexually oriented toward both sexes; someone whose sexual-orientation is both hetero- and homosexual . See bisexual [SYN] for synonyms.


(1) Woody Allen: ' I'm a practicing heterosexual but bisexuality immediately doubles your chances for a date on Saturday night .'

(2) Boris Grushenko (Woody Allen) in Love and Death (1975): ' Some men are heterosexual , and some men are homosexual , and some men don't think about sex at all. They become lawyers .'

(3) Rabbi Lorenzo Gabriel disguised as Archangel Gabriel (Richard Pollard) in order to seduce Mary (Bette Midler) in The Thorn (1973):
-- Gabriel: ' Fear not, Mary. I am from God. '
-- Mary: ' Thank God!... How is She? '
-- Gabriel: ' God, not goddess . God is a He not a She. '
-- Mary: ' Oh you Calvinist pig! '
-- Gabriel: ' What? You think God is a lady? '
-- Mary: ' I think God is a woman . '
-- Gabriel: ' Would you settle for Him being bisexual? '
-- Mary: ' I'd settle for Her being bisexual . '
-- Gabriel: ' How about a He who's a transvestite? '
-- Mary: ' I would be willing to accept a man who was so disgusted with his gender that he had a complete sex change overhaul and now only does it with animals. '
-- Gabriel: ' All right, as long as She wears a jock strap when swimming. '

(4) Tommy Patel (Eric Idle) in Splitting Heirs (1993): ' You don't have to worry about me, dear, I'm BI-sexual. Whenever I want to have-sex , I have to buy it .'

(5) Susan (Edie McClurg), a swinger , invites Mary Bland (Mary Woronov) and her husband Paul (Paul Bartel), to engage in a little kinky sex at a swingers party in Eating Raoul (1982):-- Susan: ' We were wondering if you'd like to get together and have a little fun? '-- Mary: ' What did you have in mind? '-- Susan: ' Oh, gee , we're up for about anything. You see we're both bies so we can go either way , but actually we do like straight-sex . Moose is into voyeurism and I'm into exhibitionism. We like B-&-D , but we don't like S & M . We met at A & P , but we don't like labels .'-- Mary: ' Very nice of you to ask us but we're actually into Saint-Bernards .'

2. Pertaining to both sexes; possessing both male and female sexual characteristics or possessing both male and female sex-organs ; hermaphroditic. See also: hermaphrodite .

Synonyms: AM/FM, ace-deuce, acey-deucey, ambidextrous, ambiguous, ambisextrous, ambisexual, ambosexual, amphigenic-invert, amphigenetic-gender, amphigenous-inversion, amphisexual, batting-and-bowling, bats-for-both-sides, bi, bi-coastal (bicoastal), bi-curious, bi-guy, bicycle (rider), bi-gaited, bike, bilingual, bisensual, bisexous, bisexuous, bowls-from-both-ends, bungie-boy, buysexual, caught-between-the-pointers-and-setters, confused, convertible, dabbler, double-adapter, double-gaited, double-life-(wo/man), drink-from-both-taps, dunt, fence-fucker, fence-jumper, fence-sitter, flip-flop, flippy, gate-swinger, gilette-blade, go-both-ways, goes-the-other-way, gray-cat, half-bent, half and half (half-and-half), half-husband, happy-shopper, he/she, hits-both-ways, in-between, Jack-of-all-trades, Jack-of-both-sides, Jo-Ann, licks-both-sides-of-the-stamp, neither-Arthur-nor-Martha, non-gender-specific, on-the-fence, play-both-sides-of-the-fence, plugs in both ways, plugs-both-ways, rides a bicycle (or rides a bi-cycle), sexoschizia, sexually-confused, side saddle queen, sitting-on-the-fence, swings-both-ways, switch-hitter, twixter, two-way-baby, versatile, wear-two-(pairs-of)-shoes, wears-bifocals, ANTONYM:, monosexual., SEE ALSO:, androgynous, asexual, bigendered, epicene, gynandrous, heterosexual, homosexual, intersexual, monosexual, omnisexual, pansexual, variant-expressive, bigendered, omnigendered, gender-variant, polygendered, inner-sex

See Also: AC-DC bar, AC-DC TV, acey-deucey, alternative lifestyle, ambidextrous, ambiguous, ambisextrous, ambisexual, ambivalence, ambosexual, amphierotic, amphigenetic gender, amphigenic invert, amphigenous inversion, amphisexual, androgynophilia, bait, bats for both sides, batting and bowling, batting for both sides, bi, bi bar, bi community, bi-coastal, bi-gaited, bi-guy, bi-lingual, bi-trade, bicycle, bicycle rider, bike, bilingual, biphobia, bisensual, bisexous, bisexual, bisexual community, bisexuality, bisexuous, bitches' blinds, BLG, bowls from both ends, bungie-boy, buysexual, byke, C, caught between the pointers and setters, closet shakedown, come-on boy, confused, contingent invert, contrasexual, convertible, dabbler, decoy(er), double adapter, double-gaited, double-life (wo/man), drink from both taps, dry off with either a his or her(s) towel, fairy hawk, fence fucker, fence jumper, fence sitter, flip-flop, flippy, gate-swinger, gay liberation, gay rights, gilette blade, GLB, go both ways, goes the other way, gray cat, half and half, half bent, half rice half chips, half-husband, happy shopper, have it both ways, he/she, hermaphy, heteroflexible, hits both ways, horatio, in between, inversion, Jack of all trades, Jack of both sides, Jo-Ann, ki-ki, Kinsey One, Kinsey Six, LBGT, licks both sides of the stamp, monoclinous, neither Arthur nor Martha, non-gender specific, omnisexual, on the fence, pansexual, pink panther gay libber, play both sides of the fence, plugs both ways, rides a bicycle, s/he, sexoschizia, sexual identity, sexually confused, sidesaddle queen, sitting on the fence, swing both ways, swings both ways, switch-hitter, switch-hitting, trans-fag, transitional bisexuality, TransLesBiGay, tranz-fag, triple hip, twixter, two-way baby, versatile, wear bifocals, wear two (pairs of) shoes, wears bifocals

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