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1. Or or pertaining fo women; female.

2. Characteristic of or attributed to the female sex ; the gender role assigned to females.

4. Effeminate; womanish.

See Also: active and passive, all butched up, androdyke, androgynous, androgynous dyke, bigendered, bisexuality, butched up, camp it up, camp names, cock suckstress, effeminate, effemination, eviration, Ewig-Weibliche, das, fem, feminacy, femme, flaming bitch, flannel-shirt dyke, gynemimism, hermaphrodite dyke, hermaphrodyke, hip-swishy, hyperfemininity, jointess, lipstick lesbian, Nellie, screaming bitch, screaming queen, thelyflorescence, tomgirl, twisty, twixter, unmentionables, uns, yin

Quotes Containing feminine:
Rosalie Maggio, The Dictionary of Bias-Free Usage (1991): 'An understanding of the difference between sex and gender is crucial to the correct use of language. Sex is biological: people with male genitals are male, and people with female genitals are female. Gender is cultural: our notions "masculine" tells us how we expect men to behave and our notions of "feminine " tells us how we expect women to behave - but these may have nothing to do with biology. Gender signifies an individual's personal, legal, and social status without reference to genetic sex ; gender is a subjective cultural attitude while sex is an objective biological fact .'

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