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1. An act or gesture, such as touching lightly, stroking, petting , kissing, rubbing, patting, or embracing, expressing fondness, kindness, affection or love .

2. To touch , stroke or hold lightly to show affection , fondness, caring or kindness.
Synonyms: fondle; bill-and-coo ; brush one's cheek ; chuck under the chin; clasp; cling; coddle; cuddle ; dandle; embrace ; enfold; enlace; excite love ; fling-woo ; fly into the arms of; fold in one's armS; fondle; graze; hang on one's neck ; hold hands; hold one tight; hug; kiss ; make dalliance; make-love ; massage; nestle; nuzzle; open one's armS; pat one on the head ; pat; paw ; pet ; pinch one's cheek ; pitch-woo ; play footsie; play kissie; play-kissy-face ; play-kissy-poo ; press; press to one's bosom ; rub ; slap-and-tickle ; smooth; snuggle ; squeeze; stroke ; touch lovingly; vamp .

3. To touch or fondle erotically as in foreplay .
Etymology: Introduced into the English language in the 12 th century from the Latin corus , meaning dear.

See Also: bambi, bambi sex, bill and coo, billie-coo, canoodle, cop a feel, cuddle, eat pussy, erotomastia, finger, firkytoodle, fling woo, fore-pleasure, fumble, get physical, get to first base, grope-in, group-grope, handle, isomulcia, lollygag, make nice, make out with, neck, necking, pet, petting, pitch woo, play kissy-face, play snuggle-bunnies, put out, sexploration, smooch, smooching, smoodge, smooge, smouge, snog, snug, zooerastia, zooerasty, zoophilia erotica

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