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Etymology: From the Old French cucu, which is the echoic cry of the cuckoo bird ; the female cuckoo has a habit of changing mates frequently. A term of mockery for:

1. A man whose wife has has been unfaithful; the husband of an adulteress .

2. To be unfaithful to ones husband .

3. To commit adultery with another mans wife .

See Also: beat the gun, buck face, buck's face, capricornified, capricornus, Carvel's ring, cokewold, creeper, cuckoldry, cuckoo, cuckoo's nest, Delilah, grafted, hackney, Hans Carvel's ring, heels in the air, hop up and down, horn, horn mad, horn work, horned, hornified, itching, jump the gun, laced mutton, Lord knows where, melt, quean, rooting, score, shadow of a woman, shake the sheets, short heels, shot betwixt wind and water, smell-smock, surphling of breasts, woman's heraldry, wounded in the thigh, zipless fuck

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