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Dated colloquialism for:

1. Originally, a woman or young woman .

Quote: John L. Sullivan (Joel McCrea) and The Girl (Veronica Lake) disguised as a boy to accompnay him on his Sullivan's Travels (1941):
-- Sully: ' You look about as much like a boy as Mae West .'
-- The Girl: ' Allright, they'll think I'm your frail .'

2. Later, a prostitute ; also known in England as a frail sister and frail-sisterhood . See prostitute for synonyms.

See Also: frail, three-way broad

Quotes Containing frail:
Djinni (Rex Ingram) to Abu (Sabu) in The Thief of Bagdad (1940): ''Mortals are weak and frail . If their stomach speaks, they forget their brain. If their brain speaks, they forget their heart . And if their heart speaks... they forget everything.''

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