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illicit affair:
Or: illicit-liaison / illicit-relationship , an adulterous relationship . See affair for synonyms.

See Also: adulterous affair, adultery, adventure, affair, affair of love, affair of the heart, affaire d'amour, affaire de coeur, amour, backstair affair, buggered and bewildered, carry on, carrying on an affair, carrying on with someone, catting on, cheating, chippy on, coitus adulterinus, consultation with the Third World, discussing East Africa, double cross, double dealing, double up on, double-clock, East African affairs, eternal triangle, extramarital affair, extramarital sex, fan one's ass, fart around, fling, fool around (with), fooling around, getting a bit on the side, getting it on the side, getting some on the side, give up rhythm, go on a fishing expedition, have a roving eye, hit the triangle, illicit affair, illicit liaison, illicit relationship, illicit romance, kidding around, left-handed honeymoon, lemanry, les-be-friends, liaison, love affair, make time with, messing around, moonlighting, mucking around, offshore drilling, on the side, perv about, perv around, play around (with), play checkers, put horns on, put it about, quickie station, romantic affair, scutz around, shoot the thrill, sotto voce affair, stepping out on, tail-femme, trick-out, Ugandan affairs, Ugandan discussions, working late at the office, wrecktangle,

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