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latex condom:

Condom made of latex which prevents pregnancy and the spread of some sexually-transmitted-diseases (STDs) in distinction to a skin-condom , made of a portion of sheep intestine, which affords little protection against sexually transmitted diseasesbecause of its porous nature. See condom for synonyms.
See Also: a capella, a straight shot, American sock, baby-gallop, baby-grinder, baggie, bald journey, balloon, bareback rider, BB, beetleskin, benjamin, bikini condom, bone bag, bone balloon, boner bag, Brummagem Joe, bubble-gum machine, candy wrapper, capote allemande, capote anglaise, cardigan, Casanovas rubber sock, cassock, cecum condom, cheater, cheesepipe clingfilm, clitorilingus, cloak the captain, cock sock, coitus condomatus, collapsible container, come balloon, come-drum, condom, condominium, condomless, Coney Island whitefish, cum drum, cumdrum, cunnilinctio, cunnilinction, cunnilinctus, cunnilingtie, cunnilinguate, cunnilingue, cunnilingus, diving bell, diving suit, doodah, English overcoat, envelope, fellate, fellation, fellatize, fellatorism, female condom, fight in armor, fish skin, flunkey, franger, French letter, French love letter, French safe, froggie, frogskin, fuck rubber, fucking rubber, gumboot, gymnophallation, gymnophallic, have sex meat-to-meat, head gasket, headliner, Hudson River whitefish, Italian letter, Jimmy cap, Jimmy hat, jism jacket, jo-bag, johnny, jolly bag, joy bag, joy sock, knob sox, lambskin condom, latex, latex condom, latex nightcap, life jacket, life saver, love envelope, lube, lubie, lubricant, lubricated condom, male condom, Manhattan eel, meat-to-meat, mouses sleeping bag, Mr. Happy's business suit, natural condom, noddy, oral coitus, oral copulation, oral copulation (of the penis), oral intercourse, orogenital sex, orolabial stimulation, overcoat, packer glove, party hat, party pack, pecker glove, pecker pack, penilingism, penilingus, penosugia, phallalingus, plumber's helper, Port Said garter, protective raincoat, raincoat, raw sex, redingote d'Angleterre, riding jacket, root suit, rough-rider, rozzer, rubber boots, rubber cooky, rubber duck, rubber ducky, rubber goods, rubber Johnny, rubber sock, Safe Ears, scum sack, sex cap, sex lube, sex lubricant, shower cap, showering in a raincoat, skin condom, slicker, snake skin, sock, straight shot, tail security, topcoat, Trojan, unprotected sex, virilingus, washer, wetsuit, wiener wrap, willie wellie, wombwashing

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