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long for:

To have a strong and persistent desire for; to yearn-for ; to hanker for. See love for synonyms.
See Also: 411, abdominal hysterectomy, all-night movie, all-nighter, appendage, appetence, appetency, appetite, ardor veneris, autopederasty, autopedication, bed down, big hunk of meat, bitched, buggered, and bewildered, blindfold, blow job, botuliform genital pendant of the male, buggers grips, buggers handles, bullwhip, bump pelvis, cane, Canterbury tale, carnal desire, Carvel's ring, charactronym, choker, circus love, cocksman, cocky, cold tea, Convent Garden, country marriage, Covent Garden, cushion creeper, cutlass, dangler, danglers, dehorn, dingus, donkey-, donkey-dicked, donkey-rigged, double dong, double dude, draped, eat corn the long way, end, erectile urogenital appendage, escorting the one-eyed postal worker out of its denim cell, ex-bach, female perineal cul-de-sac, female pudendal chamber, female pudendal funnel, female pudendal gimcrack, female pudendal hawsehole, female vulvar apparatus, funk-a-thon, genitalic stimulation via phallengetic motion, getting to know yourself personally in the biblical sense, go around the world in eighty ways, hair-job, hanker, Hans Carvel's ring, honey fuck, honeyfuck, honker, horn, horn-dog, hump your fist, hunger, hygrophilematous, in the state of single blessedness, inch, indurated male underbelly, infertility, informal values, interlabial sanctum muliebre, Irish marathon, jawbreaker, keep a date with bobby palm and his five brother, laced mutton, laid, relayed and parlayed, lavender, leggy, lick, lipped pudendal entree, Long Dong Silver, long pole, long pork, long trade, longfellow, longhorn, Lord knows where, lower male proboscis, make goo-goo eyes, makeup, male interfemoral infidel, Mister Wiggly, mutton, nether proboscis, nightgown, old timer, passionate love, penis envy, penis immensus, personification, pitch, pole, prurient, reno-it, Reno-vate, Reno-vation, rosy red reproductive rod, sacrificing sperm to the god of lonely nights, screw up, screwed, jewed and tattooed, self-induced penile regurgitation, sexual deprivation, sexual trocar of the male, shitty, significant other, sit on a face, skivvies, snatch box is decorated with red roses, softest part of a woman's torso, stoat, street girl, street walker, street whore, street worker, streetwalker, streetwalking, streetwalking prostitute, sweet tooth, tallywhacker, tanpon it long, tardojacia, tea, Texas longhorn, three-inch fool, tool, trial marriage, trimming the hedges, underwear, walk the streets, whip, whopper, winker, worshiping the white god of seed, yard, yardage, yards of personality

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