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man-on-top position:

A generic name for any sexual-position in which the woman lies on her back with her legs spread apart. A couple can start off in this position or it can be achieved by the couple rolling over from a woman-on-top or side-by-side-positions. In this position the man's hands and arms are busy supporting his weight.

SYNONYMS: man-above-position ; mish ; missionary-position ; momma-pappa-position ; old-fashioned-way . Variations: a) raised bottom : with a pillow under the woman's hips to raise them up slightly allows for deeper penetration; b) hip rotation : by lifting, swiveling or thrusting her hips upwards; c) raised legs : lifting her legs up increases the depth of penetration; d) feet on shoulders , placing her feet on his shoulders allows for maximum penetration; e) legs over the shoulders, in this variation on feet on shoulders, the woman places her legs on her partner's shoulders; f) split levels or kneeling male : the woman lies flat on the bed while the man kneels on the floor perpendicular to the woman ; g) locking legs : she crosses her legs behing the man's back ; h) legs together : the woman keeps her thighs pressed together.


(1) Ruby Carter (Mae West) to her maid Jasmine (Libby Taylor) in Belle of the Nineties (1934): ' Don't ever let a man put anything over on you outside of an umbrella .'

(2) Actress Lola Brewster (Kim Novak) to director Jason Rudd (Rock Hudson) in The Mirror Crack'd (1980): ' Jason... I'm certainly looking forward to working under you again .'

(3) George Bianco (Leo Rossi) to his gay friend Sonny Rivers (Eric Idle) who is off to procreate with Susan in order to keep an inheritance of $200,000,000 in Too Much Sun (1991):
-- George: ' At least be a man! '
-- Sonny: ' What does that mean? '
-- George: ' Make sure you're on top .'

(4) Dave Mullen (Tom Parks) to his salesman Chester Lee (Rodney Dangerfield) in Ladybugs (1992):
-- Dave: ' Chester, you keep up the good work , this time next year you'll have ten men under you .'
-- Chester: ' Eh, Dave, can you make-it women? '

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