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map of England:

Or: map-of-Ireland , a stain left on the bed sheet after an exchange of bodily fluids. British-Irish usage since the 1960s.
See Also: anglophobia, arvo, backward about coming forward, bean-jacks, beo, bleeder, bold thing, the, bugladders, bumph, chuftie, chuftie plug, clobber up, cock something up, cocker, cop off with, crinkly, crowie, crumblie, darbies, debag, diddy, dimmo, dirty mac brigade, dollies, dopper, drives on the other side of the road, drop a pup, dusty, fall for it, fanny nosher, fanny noshing, fine thing, flash of light, giggle, gobslutch, gonk, goss, grot, grotty, grumbly, grungy, hoy up, in one's pelt, instant mum, Jack Straw, Joan Bull, kiddywinks, kipper, knock up, lallies, lawful jam, lilac, long lie, long-eared, luvvy, map of Ireland, map of Tasmania, map of Tazzy, milk-woman, mollisher, no oil painting, nut-rock, old and bitter, on the razzle, peanut smuggling, plonkers, preggers, pug noshing, pump your nads, queer bird, queer cove, queer fish, scroat, sex cap, shagstress, shoot a cat, sideboards, skating rink, taters and tea, woman of all work

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