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Or: missis / missus , the mistress of a household; a term of reference by a man for his wife . See wife for synonyms.
See Also: abulia, amelotasis, amputation fetish(ism), amputee fetish(ism), bean queen, Carmen(cita), cuddle and kiss, defecation, fairy, freejack, fribble, go see, hit and miss, hit or miss, hot enchilada, hot tamale, jobblies, joto, jubblies, jublies, King Neptune, Mexicali Rose, missis, missus, molly, money, nancy boy, phallus erectus, poke, puke, roundheel, roundheeled gal, roundheeler, roundheels, Sadie Thompson, south-of-the-border tart, Spanish Rose, taco queen, tamale-pie eater, Tijuana queen, urination, visit Mrs. Jones, visit the Widow Jones, woman with roundheels

Quotes Containing misses:
Claude Jobert (Judge Reinhold) a man with two wives and one mistress in Near Misses (1991): ''Just because bigamy is illegal doesn''t mean it''s easy.''
Libby Holden (Kathy Bates) shoving a big gun into the crotch of a P.I. in True Colors (1998): ''Mister, you''re about to become misses .''

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