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pickup line:

A line to break-the-ice when introducting yourself to someone you find attractive and intend to take-to-bed . The classic pickup , now a cliché, is: ' Your place or mine? '

Classic pickup lines:
(1) ' Hi, my name is XXX , how do you like me so far? '
(2) ' Say, did we go to different schools together? '
(3) ' Would you like to see something swell? '
(4) ' Bond. James Bond .'
(5) ' Sex is a killer - want to die happy? '
(6) ' Should I call you in the morning or nudge you? '
(7) ' Hi, how are you? '
(8) ' What miracle made you the way you are? ' Gigi (1958)
(9) ' I had a junior heart attack when I saw you. ' Bar Girls (1994)

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