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Male masturbation . See masturbation-male for synonyms.

See Also: debag, depilation, draw the blinds, pull, pull a train, pull off, pull oneself off, pulling the train, trichologia, turn a date, turn a trick, wet shot, YMCA,

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pubic visitors
public convenience
public display of affection
public enemy
public house
public ledger
pubococcygeal muscle
pubococcygeous muscle
pucker up
pucker water
puckered gazoo
pud wrestling
 pudding head
 pudendal inlet
 pudendal intercourse
 pudendal intruder
 pudendal pleasures
 pudendal sanctum
 pudendal smile
 pudendal symphony
 pudendal trifler
 pudendum muliebre
 puff on some tubing
 puff the one-eyed dragon

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