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strokem your scrotum:

Jocular coinage for male masturbation . See masturbation-male for synonyms.
See Also: bag of fruits, bag-twister, bags, ball bag, ball basket, ball locks, ball sack, ball torture, ballock bag, bollock bag, bozack, daddy bag, dermatitis medicamentosa, hafada, hairy saddlebags, happy sack, jewel box, jizzbags, knob sack, male pouch, nad bag, nad sack, sack o' nuts, scrot, scrot sack, scrotal, scrotal sac, scrotilinctus, scrotilingus, scrotitis, scrotopexy, scrotoplasty, sleeping bag, sperm sack, tadpole carrier, testicular sac, weight training, winky bag, zack

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