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tail around:

Of a female, to engage in part-time or occasional prostitution .
See Also: abnormal forms, all penis bondage, anal collar, anal sphincter, arse about, ass about, ass around, ball locks, bobtail, bog queen, bun-pressers, butterfly flick, cat-o-nine-tails, caudal, caudate, chase pussy, circumanal, coccyx, cock and ball harness, cock harness, constrictions, corsetting, cruise, daily, daily mail, do the grand tour, fart-arsing around, fiddle-fucking around, flogger, fuck handles, futz around, fuzz around, go around the world in eighty ways, grand tour, hair-job, halfway around the world, leg restraint, love handles, male tale, play fiddly-fuck, ring-tail, round house, round the world, screw around, spare tyre, split-mutton, string bondage, tail, tail end, tail high, tail over the dashboard, three-finger fuck around, tit-whip, waiter, work one's ass off

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