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C19 th British term for the female genitals , a container-type metaphor. See vagina for synonyms.
See Also: bed rite, boys, Bumper Kiss, dog's rig, grow on, middle leg, rodger, roger

Quotes Containing till:
'Men are boys 'till you bury 'em.' Rowena in Decoration Day (1992)
Thomas Bridges. A Burlesque Translation of Homer (1770): ''Let him with Nell lay tit for tat / And trim her till I eat my hat .''
Charles (Timothy Hutton) who broke his engagement to Kate (Meg Ryan) after falling head-over-heels in-love-with a French girl in Paris in French Kiss (1995): - Charles: ''I feel so totally, horribly guilty.'' - Kate: ''Oh, listen, don''t feel guilty because then I''ll start feeling guilty that I made you feel guilty, and... You know , actually, that was the old me. Just feel guilty. Swim in it till your fingers get all pruny.''
Athos (Van Heflin) to d''Artagnan (Gene Kelly) and The Three Musketeers (1948): ''To die among friends. Can a man ask more, can the world offer less? Who wants to live till the last bottle is empty? It''s all-for one, d''Artagnan, and one for all.''
Lou Peckingpaugh (Peter Falk) and Marlene Duchard (Louise Fletcher) in a Casablanca-like scene in The Cheap Detective (1978): - Lou: ''I almost forgot what you look like. Day by day I erased your face from my mind, little by little, till all I had left was your right ear and three front teeth on the bottom .'' - Marlene: ''I still carry your picture in a locket. Naturally I had to cut off your head in case Paul found it .''
Eddy Huntington Hall (Clark Gable) and Ruby Adams (Jean Harlow) in Hold Your Man (1933) - Eddy: ''Wait ''till you see how I grow-on you.'' - Ruby: ''Yeah, I can imagine. Just like a carbuncle.''
E. 'Eddy' Huntington Hall (Clark Gable) and Rudy Adams (Jean Harlow) in Hold Your Man (1933): - Eddy: 'Wait 'till you see how I'll grow-on you.' - Rudy: 'Yeah, like a carbuncle.'

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