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wet bottom:

C19 th British expression, to do/get a wet bottom . for a female, to copulate . See copulation for synonyms.
See Also: ampersand, Apostle's pinch, b-boy, backswing, bar, bottom, bottom's up, botty burp, boundaries, butch in the streets, buttered finger, captor and captive, damp patch, dream whip, enuresis, get a wet bottorn, hygrophilematous, leg spreader, mottob, oneirogmophobia, panty pisser, power exchange, Scotch screw, spreader bar, sunnyside up, T & B, topping from the bottom, tuna tins, two-way artist, urethral eroticism, urinism, uro-sexuality, urolagnia, urophilia, wet, wet bottom, wet dream, wet dream-girl, wet fun, wet kiss, wet one, wet patch, wet spot, whipped cream, wide-on

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