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wet spot:

Or: wet-patch / damp-patch , a damp spot on the bed covers after lovemaking , a mixture of sweat, semen and vaginal fluids.


(1) Joan (Elizabeth Perkins) and Debbie Sullivan (Demi Moore) about Joan's new boyfriend Gary in About Last Night... (1986):
-- Joan: ' Look, let me tell you about Gary. He's tall, he's nice to me, he's intellectual, and he doesn't make me sleep in the wet spot .'
-- Debbie: 'It's a trick! I'll bet he's a shit .'

(2) Teenager Lesley Hindenberg (Michelle Meyrink) to her diary in Joy of Sex (1984): ' I've been very selfish. I've been thinking sex is more important than anything. I want to leave my mark in this world and it's got to be more than a wet spot on somebody's back-seat .'

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