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willing tit:

Or: willing-bit , a woman reputed to be sexually obliging. See playgirl for synonyms.
See Also: B & T, base over apex, beddable, bedful of sin, beef on the hoof, breast man, breast torture, C/B/T/T, can entertain, can travel, CBTT, dark fetish(ism), desperation number, gay for pay, mastophallator, mazophallist, ninnies-splitter, P.T.A., power exchange, PTA, squashy bits, stits, swinger's pen pal, T & A, three-way girl, thrupenny bits, tit, tit-fucker, tit-smacker, tit-wanker, tits, tits and ass, titty bug, titty discipline, titty torture, up for it, vacationer, weekend service, willing bit, willing tit, zipper morals

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