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Vulgar French (argot -> slang) for FUCK. Va te faire foutre! -> (Go) get-fucked! Foutre is as old as fuck and has the same Latin root: futuere / fotuere.
QUOTE: Although Shakespeare never used the word FUCK, he was less worried by its French counterpart. In The Second Part of Henry IV (v. iii. 98) Pistol says: 'A foutre for the world and woridlings base'; and again at line 114 he says: 'A foutre for thine office', in much the same way we would say: 'I don't give a fuck!' According to Hugh Rawson, Wicked Words (1989): 'Given Shakespeare's tremendous vocabulary, his silence on the point suggests that fuck already was known widely enough to be tabooed.'
See Also: fotuere, foutre, futter, futuere

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