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Euphemism for fuck coined by Sir Richard Burton possibly from the vulgar French foutre or the Latin futuere.
Synonyms: bit-of-beef, a-bit-of-bouncy-bouncy, a bit of business, a bit of bum-dancing, a-bit-of-butt, a-bit-of-cauliflower, a bit of cock-fighting, a-bit-of-crumpet, a-bit-of-cuddle, a bit of cunt, a bit of curly greens, a-bit-of-fat, a bit of fish, a-bit-of-flat, a-bit-of-fork, a-bit-of-front-door-work, a-bit-of-fun, a-bit-of-hair, a-bit-of-how's-yer-father, a-bit-of-it, a-bit-of-nifty, a-bit-of-nobble, a-bit-of-nookey, a-bit-of-pork, a bit of quimsy, a-bit-of-raspberry, a-bit-of-rough, a-bit-of-rumpty-tumpty, a-bit-of-rumpy-bumpy, a-bit-of-rumpy-pumpy, a-bit-of-snug, a-bit-of-the-other, a-bit-of-skin, a-bit-of-snug-for-a-bit-of-stiff, a-bit-of-stiff, a-bit-of-the-old-in-and-out, a bit on a / the fork, a-dash-up-the-channel, a-knee-trembler, a little game of hide-the-sausage, a-little-o-the-one-with-tother, a-little-one-on-one, a piece of crumpet, a-poke-in-the-whiskers, a-poke-through-the-whiskers, a-spot-of-Cupids-archery, a spot hard breathing, a-squeeze-and-a-squirt, accommodate, act, the, act-of-androgynation, act-of-darkness, act-of-generation, act-of-kind, act-of-love, act-of-pleasure, act-of-shame, act-of-sport, Adam-and-Eve-it, adamize, afternoon-delight, all-the-way, all there but the most of you, amorous-congress, amorous-rites, ashes-hauled, assault-with-a-friendly-weapon, at-it, baby-making-love, bag, bag-up, bag-of-coke, bait-the-hook, balaclava, ball, balling, balling-the-jack, balls-eye, baloney-hop, baloney ride, bam-bam, banana, bananas-and-cream, bandicooting, bang, bang-away, bang-like-a-shithouse-door-(in-a-gale), bang like a shithouse door (in the wind), banging, banging away, Barrer-Moke, bash-leather, basket-making, bat-up, bawdy-banquet, bayonet-drill, BBQ'N, be-intimate-with, be-with-a-woman, beanfeast

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