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Beautiful People:

A distinction was made in the 1960-70s between The Beautiful People , the rich and famous jetsetters and the beautiful people , the hippies and wannabes.
See Also: abasiophilia, aesthetically advantaged, age segregation, aging, anal impotence, anthropophobia, aphephobia, autodysomophobia, ballers, BBW, be your own best friend, beaut, Beautiful People, beautocks, beeples, beo, bi bar, biphobia, bisexual libido, bonar, boondocking, boss-queen, cacomorphobia, caligynephobia, callicnemic, callicolpos, callicunnate, callifemoral, callimammapygian, callimastian, calliphallic, calliphallus, callipygette, callipygian, callisphyrous, callisural, callitrichous, caritas, CBC, chicken-meter, classy chassis, coitus legitimus, commercial sex workers, confirmed bachelor, dating bar, DDW, dishabillophilia, dishabillophobia, fay, fly, gay bachelor, gay-leria, Generation X, gerontophile, gerontophobia, glitterati, good looker, having sex with someone you love, heterocoitus, hit it off, homocoitus, homoeroticism, homophobic, HWP, kid-simple, Kinsey One, Kinsey Six, lay your cane in a dusty corner, linguistic cross-dressing, lookism, looksism, love seat, lunchmeat, mooners, nonsizist, O.P.P., ogler, peach of a pair, peladophobia, pronoun reversal, real stunner, scoping, seven digits, sex with someone you love, sexual preference, sexual variety, singles bar, smasher, sociophobia, spooged, springer, superdroopers, sweet young thing, TG people, trans catcher, trans-hag, transdetector, transfan, transgender, transhomosexuality, transpeople, tranz-hag, Trois, Les, twinkies, twosies, TWRL, Venus with a penis, venustraphobia, very tasty, vicarious arousal, vicarphilia, white-haired bar, wolf whistle, Zulu princess

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