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Brother Round Mouth:

Jocular reference, since the 19 th century, for the anus , because its speech is a fart . See anus for synonyms.
See Also: adelphogamy, adelphogomous, anal egg, ball gag, banjo eyes, bark, barndoor, big daddy, blab, bombosity, bone box, box of dominos, box of ivories, box of worries, brer, bro, bub, bub and sis, bulbs, cake hole, casigamy marriage, casimeria, fish trap, Frey, funnel, grub box, grub trap, grubbery, johns, kid brother, kiss of life, kissing tackle, kissing trap, laughing gear, moon face, mouth job, mummer, noisy cavity, portly, potato trap, prattle box, rat-trap, ratchet-jaw, rattler, rattletrap, round-mouth, rounders, royal buns, rumpus delecti, satchel mouth, satchmo, sauce-box, saucer eyes, sisbros, smush, sothers, spoke-box, suck-hole, talk box, talk trap, tater trap, teretophallic, warm bruder, word hole, yap, yapper, yeastful buns a plenty

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