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brothel sprout:

An old or worn-out prostitute , not to be confused with brothel-sprouts , a venereal infection, presumably resulting from a visit to a brothel . See prostitute for synonyms.
See Also: academy, badhouse, bag shanty, bawdy house, beaver base, boom boom room, bordel, boum-boum parlor, boy brothel, brap, broad house, brothel creeper, brothel sprout, brothel-house, brothel-keeping, bumshop, button factory, caithouse, can house, cannery, carsey, chamber of commerce, common house, corinth, couple house, coupling house, crystal palace, cunt shop, damerie, dive, dress-house, family hotel, fancy house, fast-house, flash ken, flash panny, fornix, frenzy house, funhouse, garden house, girl-shop, girlery, girly parlor, goat house, gooseberry den, gooseberry ranch, goosing ranch, goosing slum, heifer barn, hog ranch, hooker shop, horehouse, hot hole, ice palace, intimaterie, Irish clubhouse, jab joint, jazz joint, juke house, kit kat club, ladies college, ladies' academy, ladies' boarding house, meat-house, monkey-house, mot house, naughty-house, notcherie, nugging-ken, panel house, parlor house, pushing academy, pushing school, questionable resort, rib-joint, School of Venus, service station, shanty, shooting gallery, show house, sin spot, snuggling-ken, spintry, spoiling house, touch-crib, walk-up, wank house, warren

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