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French kiss:

To kiss passionately, with open mouths and probing tongues.
Synonyms: deep-kissing; mouth-wrestling ; pass-secrets ; soul-kissing ; suck-face ; throw-the-tongue ; tongue-kissing ; tongue-wrestling ; wet-kissing . See kiss for synonyms.

2. A passionate , open-mouthed kiss with probing tongues.
Etymology: First recorded in English in the early 1920s.
Synonyms: deep-kiss ; soul-kiss .


(1) Quentin Hapsburg (Robert Goulet) and Lt. Frank Drebin (Leslie Nielsen) in Naked Gun 2 . The Smell of Fear (1991):
-- Quentin: ' Que sera, sera. You do speak-French , don't you? '
-- Drebin: ' Unfortunately, no . But I do kiss that-way .'

(2) Billie Dawn (Melanie Griffith) to her boyfriend (John Goodman) when she was almost caught kissing Paul Verral (Don Johnson) in Born Yesterday (1993): ' Paul just taught me a little French' .

(3) Marcia Brady (Christine Taylor) and Doug (Shane Conrad) in The Brady Bunch Movie (1995):
-- Marcia: ' Doug, I think I just felt your tongue in my mouth .'
-- Doug: ' It's called a French kiss .'
-- Marcia: ' But I thought you were from Nebraska! '

(4) Charlie (R.D. Robb) and Marcia (Christine Taylor) in The Brady Bunch Movie (1995):
-- Charlie : 'Marcia, I think I just felt your tongue in my mouth .'-- Marcia: ' It's called a French kiss , Charlie .'-- Charlie : ' Um, Marcia, I gotta go. Euh... Something suddenly came up .'

(5) Frank Musso (Joe Mantegna) about Norma Jean (Cassidy Rae) in National Lampoon's Favorite Deadly Sins (1995): 'She was the only woman I ever met who could French kiss through bulletproof glass .'

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