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Friend of Dorothy:

Or: Dorothy's-friend , a male homosexual , based on Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz , played by Judy Garland, a major gay icon .

Quote: Murray (Donald Faison) telling Cher Hamilton (Alicia Silverstone) that Christian is gay in Clueless (1995): ' Your man Christian is a cake-boy. (...) He's a disco-dancing, Oscar Wilde-reading, Streisand ticket-holder friend of Dorothy. Know what I'm saying? '

See Also: AFOAF, amicus, Batman and Robin, beat one's time, Billy No Mates, bosom buddy, cake boy, chappie, chum, cocker, companion, darling, Dorothy's friend, fam, friend has come, Friend of Dorothy, homegirl, homo-lover, just good friends, linguistic cross-dressing, long-haired chum, luvvy, oscar, palsies, palsy-walsy, philogynist, pronoun reversal, rent-a-body business, roll-dog, smudger, tisket a-tasket, true confession

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