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Princeton style:

Masturbation between the (lubricated) thighs of another man . This can be done in four different ways: a) with a partner standing or reclining; b) with a partner sitting on one's lap; c) with a partner laying on a bed or table whith legs in the air; d: in pederasty , by holding the child by the ankles in an upside down position .

SYNONYMS: coitus-ante-portas ; coitus-inter-femora ; coitus-interfemoris ; college-fuck ; college-style ; dry-fuck ; dry-hump ; dry-run ; English-method ; femoral-intercourse (or coitus); Harvard-style ; interfemoral-intercourse ; intracrural-intercourse ; irrumatio(n); led word; leggins ; Princeton-rub ; rubbins ; slick-leggins ; thigh-sandwich ; thighs .

See Also: bareback rider, butch cut, butt floss, butter churn, Chinese fashion, cluster marriage, college fuck, college style, cowgirl, dog fashion, dog style, dog ways, doggie style, doggy style, doggy ways, English method, Gr, hairdo, inhibited sexual desire, inseminate, kimible, leggins, panty hose, pimp fronts, pimp walk, pimped down, Pornoctionary, Princeton rub, Roman night, scants, zorber

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